Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.

-Ansel Adams

2021, a year that we will not soon forget due to all the restrictions related to COVID-19.

In 2020, my passion for photography was pretty low. This is also clearly visible in my online activity with parts of my passion, or the lag there of. When I saw this project, initiated by the YouTuber and landscape photographer Chris Sale, I immediately became excited to take photos again.

We started this project with a number of photographers from all over the world, and we started looking locally for landscapes that where in our area and appealed to us. To share our progress, we met once a month to discuss our successes and struggles.

During the project and now certainly looking back, I needed this very badly. Without this incentive, the conversations and tools I had received, I would never have finished this project and processed the photos in a booklet.

This booklet can be pre-ordered at the time of writing. The booklet will only consist of 1 edition, so sign up to get your hands on this unique booklet. You can do this by emailing me or using the form below: