Gilbert Schroevers is an ambitious amateur photographer, especially in the field of landscape and nature photography. He regularly wanders through Dutch nature with his camera. In addition, he also likes to travel and capture the foreign beauty of landscapes and animals during these trips.

Gilbert likes to be outside and captures the ‘feeling’ of that conscious moment, for example a beautiful sunset on a beautiful autumn day, or isolation when you are in a nature reserve where you are completely separate from human influences and where the nature does its own way. His photos are almost always about the outdoors, and tell a story. But occasionally he also explores the other disciplines within photography, such as abstract or portrait photography.

He started with photography seriously when he turned 19. Before that he started exploring photography early on, first with a toy camera with 35mm film. On his 15th birthday he received his first digital compact camera f. When he turned 19 he bought his first DSLR and he started the website to share his work.

From 2012 he started to receive assignments in addition to nature photography, for loveshoots, bands, meetings, weddings, events and providing eye catchers in buildings by means of photowalls. In 2016 he joined the photo club the Draadontspanner in Oost-Souburg in order to grow further and to improve himself in photography.

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