My new local patch!

NP De Biesbosch is a fresh water tidal area with creeks, willow forests islets and sand/swallowing plates. In addition to the landscapes, there are also plenty of animals and birds to photograph such as the beaver and the bald eagle.

Lately I was driven to photograph all kinds of beautiful foreign nature during the holidays. Beautiful vistas, bears, humpback whales, caribou, etc. But during those trips, which are often group trips, there is often no time to quietly seek a composition. When the photos are loaded on the computer at home, the photos often give me no real satisfaction, they are just beautiful holiday pictures.

But we don’t have to go far for beautiful photos, which is why I started to appreciate the Dutch nature. In contrast to mountain landscapes, finding a beautiful composition on our flat pancake, called the Netherlands, is for me more difficult. But you here you can find beautiful places too.