Monday, April 27

4:00 a.m., gently enters the sound of the radio in my head. After a big sigh, I open my eyes, and I can’t suppress the thought: “Why didn’t I choose another hobby”.

Slowly I get moving and pull up my shutter…, yes it’s still dark outside, but clear! The clothes I want to put on are laying ready on my chair. Just like the cameras, lenses and tripods. After a nice sandwich and some Orange I get the sandwiches I prepaired out of the fridge.

On the way to the dunes of the Kop van Schouwen I occasionally drive through patches of fog; I am getting more and more enthusiastic, but I have to be careful because on Neeltje Jans the rabbits hop over the road, and it would be a shame if one ended under the tires of the car.

Like a shining beacon, the Lighthouse of Nieuw Haamstede is getting closer. Finding a parking space is not difficult, just drive to the lighthouse because there is also my final destination. And an advantage of being early: there’s more than enough space!

After the parking meter is fed with round metal discs and an extra layer of clothing, the backpack goes on the back. Fifteen minutes walk and I’m at the destination where I want to be. Now rising above the mist, I feel the warm sea breeze and looked over a dune landscape covered with mist. Just in time, because the blue hour starts.

But then my eye fell on the lighthouse of Nieuw Haamstede, something was not right. Yes her, it will not be true. The lighthouse is in the risers …. I have it again.

I quickly get over this setback because it’s great to be rewarded for getting up early with such colors and misty scenery. I quickly grab my tripod and camera. Still, I can’t resist taking the lighthouse on the picture anyway, but the other compositions are also doing well. The longer I spend reading the landscape, the more intimate the pictures become.

After the sunrise has shown its most beautiful side, I enjoy the sun which quickly feels very warm. The camera and the tripod are stored again and now that I am here I will explore some parts that I have not yet seen, for possibly next time.

After a good walk of 15 kilometers I return to the car and go back home, wondering what the pictures taken on the PC look like.